Translation of a WW2 German poster for my school #general

Judi Gyory Missel

This is technically not a genealogy project, but one of the Social
Studies teachers at the my junior high school is looking for the
translation of this poster for a lesson on WW2 propaganda and the

This group has translation skills that rival the best agency in the
world, so I am hoping someone can help.

If the moderators will allow this post, please, of course, respond
privately to my school account at jgmissel@... .

The poster consists of a black image of an eagle sitting on a target.
On the right "shoulder" of the eagle there is a red box with the word
"Delka" in it.

The printing at the bottom is:
Gehirmherr:Ge. Konigl.hoheit Prinz Heinrich v. Preuben
Marz 1917 am 3oo.

Please excuse if the letters are incorrect - I speak no German at all.

I can send you a copy of the poster if that is easier.

Thank you so much to the moderators and any translators.
Judi Gyori Missel
Carson Junior High School
Mesa, Arizona

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