FLEISHMAN vs FLEISCHMANN {was: Is this a German name?} #general

Celia Male <celiamale@...>

Anita Arkin of Tarzana, Ca. wrote: .... "Is the name FLEISHMAN German or
could this family come >from another country?"

We have had several replies to this already confirming the German roots to this
name - I would like to inform Anita that although there are 400 Jewish
FLEISCHMANN buried in Vienna, there is not a single FLEISHMAN - there are many
early Bohemian and Moravian Jewish FLEISCHMANN families too and no FLEISHMAN.
I am sure you will find the same in Germany.

If this was the spelling of the name in old documents *prior* to arrival in the
USA, I was going to say blithely that it is very likely that the family came
from Galicia/Poland. I was hoping to use statistical data to confirm my view,
however by looking at the Galician records on jri-pl, I was amazed to find not
one FLEISHMANN but 605 FLEISCHMAN{N}. Outside Galicia, there are 6 FLEISCHMANN
listed >from Germany and Vienna in the Lodz ghetto and only two in the rest of

More amazing still, on the whole of Jri-pl, with over 3 million records, there
only *one* FLEISHMAN and it is this one - a survivor >from Lublin:

FLEISHMAN Ida born 1922 - father: Aron; Mother: Rywka Town: Rejowiec - address

If Anita Arkin's friend is related to this Lublin family it would indeed be a
miracle, that is why I am not suggesting it!

Joe Fibel's route is the only one: "What the new researcher must do is to find
his/her father's death certificate, and possibly his birth certificate, the
same with his grandfather, his immigration record, etc."

Celia Male [U.K.]

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