Re: FLEISHMAN vs FLEISCHMANN {was: Is this a German name?} #general

Evertjan Hannivoort <e.j.w.hannivoort@...>

On 1 May 2008 at 4:16, Celia Male wrote:

Anita Arkin of Tarzana, Ca. wrote: .... "Is the name FLEISHMAN German or
could this family come >from another country?"

We have had several replies to this already confirming the German roots to this
name - I would like to inform Anita that although there are 400 Jewish
FLEISCHMANN buried in Vienna, there is not a single FLEISHMAN - there are many
early Bohemian and Moravian Jewish FLEISCHMANN families too and no FLEISHMAN.
I am sure you will find the same in Germany.
I would think that:

While the loss of the double "nn" could have happened in Netherlands,
UK, US or elsewhere, even in Germany,
the "sh" is only practiced in English speaking countries.

Dutch, [and I believe Slavian/Polish], would be "sj".

Fleischmann brothers are a famous model railway factory,
nearly as famous as Maerklin, the latter being my game in the '50s.


120+ years would be 1888-.

Were they Jewish?


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