access to a historical source #general

Annemarie Jutel <jutel@...>

I wonder if there is anyone in chicago with access to the UIll library, who might
cast their eye on this historical source which I can identify by google books, but
not access >from NZ. Apparently there is a reference to a family member in this

Please contact me off-list if you can look up: The Book of Chicagoans: A
Biographical Dictionary of Leading Living Men of the City of Chicago, 1911

Many thanks
Annemarie JUTEL
Researching: Drozdowitz (chicago, plonsk, ogden); Manheim (ottensoos,San
Francsico); Goldstein (indianapolis, Mariampole); Kahn (hannover, SF); Hirschler
(hessheim, mannheim, San Francisco, Richmond); Steinberg (Louisville, Mariampole)

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