A Place of Remembrance at the Jewish cemetery in Dobra, Poland #general

Roni S. Liebowitz

Dear Dobra descendants, researchers, and friends,

I received good news >from Leon Weintraub in Sweden who is instrumental in planning
and soon will be realizing his dream of creating a Place of Rememberance in Dobra
(near Turek)for the Jewish population that once existed there. In this letter, he
reports about the progress of the Dobra Project.

The project to create a Place of Remembrance in Dobra is now very close to
completion. The fence around the Jewish Cemetery is already in place -and paid for!
He decided not to wait any longer for possible financial support >from the Jewish
Organizations he has been in contact with and shall finalize the completion of this
Place of Remembrance with his own financing.

Leon visited Dobra April 9 to 18 to first discuss further details with the Town
Mayor and Kazimierz Zasiadczyk, who is his legal representative, and then to sign
the contract with the constructor, after he had received a cost estimate for his
work. They then decided to begin the work and the main construction of the Memorial
will be ready by the end of May.

The Town Mayor and his Deputy decided that they and Leon shall meet again in June
to discuss practicalities like the invitations, the program for the opening
ceremony, and so forth. They even promised to arrange that the transfer of the
tombstones to the cemetery will take place during this time, i.e., while he is in
Dobra. The Town Mayor thinks that the best date for the opening ceremony would be
on Tuesday, August 19 and feels that all road works around and near the cemetery
will be finished by then.

After leaving Dobra, Leon visited Lodz and made the arrangements for the
inscriptions on the tables. He is now awaiting their cost estimate. Once he knows
how much this will be, they will decide a suitable date for applying the tables
onto the memorial.

We will be posting photos of this on the LARG website soon and hope to add more
once the ceremony takes place. A huge thank you and congratulations to Leon for
perservering with this project over the past several years.

All the best,

(Mrs. Roni Seibel Liebowitz)
New York
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