Active Landsmanshaftn Societies? #general

Steven Lasky <steve725@...>


I am seeking information on what landsmanshaftn societys are still in existence,
whether they are active in the U.S., Israel, or elsewhere. A landsmanshaft is a
mutual aid society that is associated with a particular town or region, most often
(but not exclusively) in Eastern Europe. There were many, many such societies in
existence >from the very late nineteenth century to the mid twentieth century, but
due to various factors, very few are still extant.

Of course, when I speak of a society still being in existence, this can mean
different things to different people. Does the society meet yearly or do they just
have officers and perhaps just correspond with their members by email or regular
mail? Does the society put out an occasional or periodic online or paper newsletter
and send it out to their members? Also a society may still exist on paper, not be
active at all, and simply are hanging on to their existence by a thread.

I think it would be interesting for many of us to know how many "active"
landsmanshaftn there still are. Would you please me know privately whether you are
a member of such an active society, or know for a fact that such a society is
active? What is the name of the society, how many members do they have, who is in
charge, etc.? Unless the particular society has an objection, I can announce the
list of names of these active societies to our discussion group after a short
period of time.

I myself have recently become the First Vice-President of the United Zembrover
Society. I even put together an eight-page society newsletter for the society for
the first time. Though I never knew my paternal grandfather, I know that he was
from Zambrow, Poland. It certainly pleases me to no end that I can honor his memory
by becoming active in a society associated with the town of his birth.

Thanks for your help.

Steven Lasky
New York

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