Re: access to a historical source #general

Annemarie Jutel <jutel@...>

Thank you to those who were able to direct me to an on-line version of "The Book of
Chicagoans: A Biographical Dictionary of Leading Living Men of the City of Chicago,
1911." The full PDF file is available at

This publication may have very valuable information for other folks seeking
information about their Chicago ancestors. There are 1905, 1911 and 1917 versions.
They are very big files, but contain spouse and children's names, DOB, occupation
and other such bit of information.

Many thanks again to those who helped,

Annemarie JUTEL

Researching: Drozdowitz (chicago, plonsk, ogden); Manheim (ottensoos, San
Francsico); Goldstein (indianapolis, Mariampole); Kahn (hannover, SF); Hirschler
(hessheim, mannheim, San Francisco, Richmond); Steinberg (Louisville, Mariampole)

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