Re: Itinerant peddler missed by US Census? #general

Robert Israel <israel@...>

A man we looked for for several years showed up on a 1921 Cleveland death
certificate. He had gone to the US to prepare to bring his family, which
he never managed to do.

I cannot find him anyplace in the 1920 census. Might that be explained
by the fact that the death certificate says he is an itinerant peddler,
presumably with no fixed address? Were such people often missed?
Yes. Even people with a fixed address were sometimes missed, and this
still happens with today's censuses. Or they might be counted, but under a
completely wrong name so that you'd never find them. If they are recent
immigrants with a poor command of English, the probability of being missed
or mis-named increases.
Robert Israel
University of British Columbia
Vancouver, BC, Canada

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