Re: The state of Geilich? #general

Sue Clamp <clamp@...>

Henry Best wrote:

I've received some information about an ancestor's wedding in Holland in
1733. The bride is noted as: Mata bat Meyer z.l. >from the State of Geilich.
Does anyone in the group know where Geilich was?

Remember that this was the Dutch name for the place, not necessarily the
name of the place used by its natives, just as we call the country Holland,
but to the Dutch its Nederland.

Henry Best,
Geilich sounds more German than Dutch to me, and when I enter it into
Google Earth, it just comes up with a list of people by that name all
over Germany.

Playing around with the spelling, I found Gulick on an old map and found
Juelich on modern ones, to the west of Koeln (Cologne)

Maybe a candidate?

Sue Clamp

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