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Robert Israel <israel@...>

lizdmiller@... (Liz Miller) writes:

My father's name was Henry (no middle name). His family immigrated from
Kraisk, Vileika, Vilno (no Belarus), @ 1900.

I don't know for whom he was named, but I just found out that his Hebrew
name is *Chano*. When I searched the Jewishgen given names, I never saw
that exact spelling.

Does anyone have any ideas about this unusual Hebrew spelling?
Actually that's not a Hebrew spelling. Hebrew is written in the Hebrew
alphabet, and that's in a Roman alphabet. It may be an attempt at
transliterating a Hebrew or Yiddish name. The question is, what name
is that? My guess is chet-nun-aleph or chet-nun-heh, both with kamatz
under the chet and nun, which Kolatch's Name Dictionary lists as masculine
names (chet-nun-heh is much more common as the feminine name "Chanah", but
the first vowel of that would be a patach).
Robert Israel
University of British Columbia
Vancouver, BC, Canada

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