Re: who gets surnames based on city names? #belarus

Leonid Zeliger <leonidze@...>

The interesting remarks by Bob Kossovsky is just another evidence of
our historical reality. The 18 - 19th century was a period of major
migration of Jewish population inside the Pale. This resulted in
appearance of "location" names just at the areas which were distant
from their geographical source. As Prof. Lazerow rightly mentioned
there was no need to emphasize the Mogilev origin in Mogilev, while it
was quite reasonable in Nesvizh. Also interesting is a presence of two
variant of the same name: Mogilevsky versus Mogilever, Berlinsky v.
Berliner , Vilensky v.Vilner. This maybe reflects the dominating
cultural/educational tendency of local Russian bureaucracy ,
Westernized (Germanic) or pro-Slavic orientation.

Leonid Zeliger

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