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NationalGeographic is doing a project called A Genographic Project
We are participating in this project. I sent my DNA so we could track the
female lineage through the mitochondrial DNA and my brother gave his DNA to
track the male lineage.

It is interesting but only >from the standpoint of your deep ancestry. Their
testing cannot show where our immediate ancestors were in the recent past,
i.e. 500 years ago.

I learned that on my mother's side, we are of the haplogroup K. It seems
many eastern european jews are in that haplogroup. It also indicates that my
ancestors were in that region 17,000 years they were definitely not
roaming around the Sinai desert 6,000 years ago. So one must ask the
question as to how these women became Jewish. Utzi, that mummy found in the alps is
one of my ancestors.

My father's DNA showed that he is of the Haplogroup J and has the kohain
markers. So that test proved that he is a kohain and his DNA was pure middle
eastern. It would be interesting to know though how they got to Romania and

Ellen Fuchs

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