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Art Hoffman <arthh@...>

Although not about Genealogy, PCWorld has just released an article entitled,
"Birth of a Standard: The INTEL 8086 Processor." The article features
Stephen Morse, its architect, his picture and an interview with him. As you
all know, Stephen is also the architect of the One-step WebPages that we
JewishGenners owe him so much for. The article is well worth reading and
can be found at,146957/article.html?tk=nl_bexnws.
Arthur Hoffman
Boynton Beach, FL

Searching for GOYKHMAN, Golovanevsk; ZIMMERMAN, SHUTUNOFFSKY, Dubova; WHITE,

MODERATOR NOTE: This message is being posted because it shows another
side of our well-known fellow genealogist Steve Morse. This other side
is, of course, offtopic here, and responses should be sent privately.

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