Vienna World War 1 Jewish War Memorial & Russian Jewish POW graves #general

Celia Male <celiamale@...>

I have just added many more tombstones photographs to my recording of the WW1
Jewish War Memorial in Vienna. Many of the casualties are Galicians. I have
calculated that there should be about 340 tombstones in all surrounding the War
Memorial but it is possible that some have disappeared or are unreadable. I
have probably recorded most of them by now:

Like all war memorials, it is very poignant but this Vienna war memorial is
more poignant than most, as you feel these young men did die in vain. Heinz
KOCH >from Saaz, Bohemia, according to the inscription actually died for "his
Vaterland, his Kaiser and his Judisches Volk".

Today I would like to point out some tombstones which have probably been seen
by only a handful of people since WW1. They belong to the Russian Jewish POWs
who died in Vienna, in captivity, in the period of WW1. Please go to the first
picture in the sequence and navigate with the arrows under the two little
thumbnails on the right:

There is a list of names and the next four pictures show me wading through the
undergrowth to see their neglected tombstones. Here is a typical view:

I could decipher no names on the tombstones. Now I know where they are, I will
visit them when I am in Vienna as they are just opposite the War Memorial.
It would need a big effort however, to clear this area and make it presentable.
I have placed Viktor FRANKL's grave at the end of the sequence - it is well
worth a visit too.

Celia Male [U.K.]

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