PECKER/STEIN in Brooklyn #general

yehuda frischman

While in Israel recently, I met a gentleman who does not have access
to the internet, and has authorized me to do research on his behalf.
( I live in Los Angeles). Meir STEIN who is now 60, came to Brooklyn
in the mid 70s and married the former Rachel PECKER, whose father was
the late Rabbi Dov Pecker. They had two daughters. The first
daughter, who he is almost certain (explanation to follow) was named
Malka, was born in either in 1975 or early 1976. Shortly thereafter,
they had a second daughter, Miriam, who died of Tay Sachs as an
infant. He was so devasted by her loss, the prospect that he and his
wife were obviously both carriers of the chromosome, and that there
was a strong likelihood that any future children born to them could
also, G-d forbid, come down with Tay Sachs, that he divorced her,
initially moved to LA and later moved back to Israel to be with his
elderly father. The chapter was just too painful for him to bear,
and so that was the last contact that he had with either the ex-wife
or the daughter. When he last saw his daughter, she was 1 1/2 years old.
But time heals wounds, and now hewould very much like to find his daughter
and would even consider reconciling with his ex-wife, assuming that she never
married again. I have tried unsuccessfully to find any of them, and though I did
find a few Peckers in Brooklyn, and a couple of Malka Steins and Rachel
Steins, they weren't the right ones.

Can you help?

Yehuda Frischman, L.Ac, CST, SER

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