Records on pilot site #general

Renee Steinig

Several recent messages -- especially Joan Parker's in January and Jan
Meisels Allen's in May -- reported on the new FamilySearch Labs pilot
projects <>. To read these messages, search
the JGDG Archives.for ** family search pilot project **.

It bears repeating that the Record Search project
<> includes
vital records indexes and even digitized records for some U.S.
locations, as well as other records (census, court/legal, immigration,
land/property, military). Thanks to a tip I received directly from
Aaron Roetenberg (thank you Aaron!) I explored the Record Search
yesterday and printed out three Philadelphia death records I was about
to order >from the Pennsylvania Dept. of Health. Saved $27 and a
four-week wait!

Some other U.S. localities for which the site shows death records
(images and/or transcriptions) are Georgia (1914-1927), Michigan
(1867-1897), Ohio (1908-1953), Texas (1890-1976), Utah (1904-1956),
Washington State (1907-1960), and West Virginia (1853-1970). Some
other vital records collections on the site are Ontario deaths
(1869-1947), Michigan births (1867-1902), West Virginia births
(1853-1930) and marriages (1853-1970), and Philadelphia marriage
indexes (1885-1951).

A link to the Record Search project appears on the home page of, the LDS search site. (Click "Sneak Peek.") Scroll
down the Record Search page to see a list of the collections that are
currently available. The collections are not all complete.

Renee Stern Steinig
Dix Hills, New York, USA

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