Please Help Me With NYC Death Record Lookup-Harry MENDELSON #general


Hello All

I need Help with a death record Lookup in the NYC archives. I need to
lookup the death record of a Harry MENDELSON/MENDELSOHN born in
Russia(hopefully Sklove) about 1858-1860. I have two possible names
and dates, and hope that someone can look them up for me so I can
narrow down the right one. The wife of Harry is listed as Rachel
according to the 1910 Broolyn census.

Harry Mendelsohn Age 64 Died 9-8-1926 Record#18470 soundex(M534)
Harry Mendelson Age 70 Died 9-26-1927 Record#17829 Soundex(M534)

If there is any possibility of a child of him bein listed as next of
kin, I will all the names of the children according to the 1910 census
Elias, Sam, William, Abraham, Louis and Harry Mendelson.

I would appreciate any and all help.

Sarah Greenberg(USA-CT)

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