Eastern Europe Roots Bike Trip Blog + call for stories/pictures #general

Matthew Stewart <mjfstewart@...>

Hi all - I've posted a couple of times looking for help finding researchers and
relatives alike. I've had tremendous success through the help of JewishGen -
thanksagain for your help. (And yes, I made a donation!)

I've made these inquiries to prepare for a bike my dad and I are doing this
summer through Eastern Europe in search of family roots. We're starting in
Czyzew-Osada, outside of Warsaw, where my great-grandfather was born, and will
finish in Odessa, where my great-grandmother was born. It should be a thrilling,
fascinating, emotionally and physically rigorous adventure in search of family
roots. Given all the help I've receive here, I thought I'd share the blog my dad
and I have started for the trip. You can visit that here:


We'd love to hear >from anybody who's interested in sharing stories, pictures,
and/or videos about traveling through the region in search of family roots.
Ideally we could publish some of your stories/pics/videos on our blog. Also, if
anybody has a blog or website that's somewhat related, we'd love to do some
crossposts and link swaps to spread the word.

If interested, please contact me at: mjfstewart@yahoo.com

Thanks again!

Matt Stewart

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