Re: Jewish shtetl women taken for prostitution #general

Carlos Glikson

Stewart Bernstein asked
I am searching for either the title of a publication, or the Author
of a book documenting the taking of Jewish women by unscrupulous
promoters,under the guise of marriage to these men.
... These false grooms ultimately took these women to other
countries, where they were forced into Prostitution.
The horrible crimes that started with promises of marriage to thousands of
mostly poor Jewish women >from shtetlach in Poland and other areas of Eastern
Europe, ended in different countries with theft of passports, international
kidnapping, white slavery, prostitution and human trafficking. The crimes
were carried out by members of a Jewish gangster organization in front of
corrupt official authorities. This mob was known as the Zwi Migdal, or Zvi

The organization had "representatives" recruiting the illusioned and
unknowing young women in Europe, a strong base in Argentina, and decades of
activities also in Brazil, the US and even the Far East. The women would be
expected at Buenos Aires or other port this side of the Atlantic by a man
"sent by the groom or husband and who was there to help them" and would ask
for their passport. Sometimes two or more women - that were given a ticket
and a local address to go to after their arrival - would discover they were
coming here to marry the same man once out in high seas or after getting off
the same ship. Others would find that they had married the same man back in
Europe and were expecting to be met by him on board the ship or at the
arrival port. Instead, there was this man speaking their language who, while
promising to help, took their documents away in a new country, where they
arrived alone, penniless, knowing no Spanish and no one.

The criminal group first masked their illegal and inhuman activities under
the name "Sociedad Israelita de Socorros Mutuos Varsovia", meaning "Warsaw
Israellite mutual aid association". They then got the Zvi Migdal name,
probably after Luis Migdal, one of the founders. This criminal is buried
close to the entrance in one of their own isolated cemeteries as first
president of the "Varsovia" society. Jewish communities rejected the pimps
and mobsters of this sinister organization, forbade their memberships in
synagogues, and prohibited their burials in the community cemeteries. They
had their own.

Stewart will be able to find references to works on the subject in the
group's message archives searching for Zwi Migdal, or Zvi Migdal. There will
also be results in the well known online bookstores. A Google search will
lead to many references including books on the very sad subject. Appropriate
use of the search syntax will exclude mentions in antisemitic links and also
many mentions of a current tango group with the bad taste to use that name.

Carlos Glikson

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