Re: Jews in Brownsville, PA #general

Susan M. Melnick <SMMelnick@...>

In 1999-2000, volunteers with roots in Jewish communities small towns in
western Pennsylvania attempted to locate the records of those
communities, most of which no longer exist. Unfortunately, we learned
that few of the records exist either.

In the case of Brownsville, we do have one folder with a few clippings
about the congregation, Ohave Israel (as it is referred to in the
clippings), and some photocopied records. The materials date from
c1950 to through 1983. I will be happy to make these available to
Marlene Bishow if she contacts me privately.

We have no record of a Jewish cemetery in Brownsville. Uniontown, the
county seat of Fayette County in which Brownsville is located, has two
Jewish cemeteries, for which we recently acquired the data.

Susan M. Melnick
Rauh Jewish Archives
Heinz History Center
Pittsburgh, PA 15222

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