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Tom Venetianer <tom.vene@...>

Stewart Bernstein wrote:
I am searching for either the title of a publication, or the Author
of a book documenting the taking of Jewish women by unscrupulous
promoters, under the guise of marriage to these men.
There is an excellent book about this subject:
Bodies and Souls: The Tragic Plight of Three Jewish Women Forced into
Prostitution in the Americas
Author: Isabel Vincent
Publisher: William Morrow, 2005
ISBN: 978-0060090234

Although some passages of this book are a fiction, the background story is
real and tells many details of the traffic of East European Jewish women to
South America, particularly to Argentina and Brazil.

from a genealogical point of view, many of these poor women, who were shipped
to Brazil, are interred in a cemetery in Rio de Janeiro, called Inhaumas.
Since the Chevra Kadisha refused to bury them, they founded a society which
built this cemetery. It is still open for visitation and has a gatekeeper.
A Brazilian journalist - Zevi Ghivelder - is a scholar in this subject. He
investigated it in ample details.

Tom Venetianer
Sao Paulo - Brazil

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