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Herbert Lazerow

<Any postage stamp experts out there? >

In those days, the British king's face appeared on most stamps issued in the
British Commonwealth in general use. George V with full face beard died in early
1936 at age 70. His successor, Edward VIII, ruled for less than a year, and was
followed by his younger brother George VI. Neither were bearded; both were in
their 40s when they became kings; and both had youthful appearences in photos,
though an adult is unlikely to confuse them with children.

Take the person to a major public library, which should have a copy of Scott's
Postage Stamp Catalogue, which contains photos of many stamps. There will
certainly be photos of late 1930s British stamps that she might be able to
identify. You can also examine there Palestine stamps of that era, but I think
they are unlikely to feature such a person.

US stamps of that time are unlikely to show anyone young. Most US stamps had
presidents on them, and the stamps commonly used at the time pictured Washington,
Adams or Jefferson, none of whom would likely have appeared young, especially to
a child.
Herbert Lazerow
San Diego CA

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