Breugus #austria-czech

Esther Bloch <Esther.Bloch@...>

To put this subject to rest, I would like to draw your attention to the
Concordance to The Bible (by Dr. Solomon Mandelkern).
The root of "Resh", "Gimel", "Zain" in its different grammatical forms and
declinations is cited 50 times. To name a few, Genesis 45:24, Proverb 29:9,
Deuteronomy 2:25, Jessiah 32:11.
Unfortunately, I don't have The Bible in English.
We did agree on the meaning of the word (to be angry, enraged and ennoyed)
It seems to me that this is the most likely and logical source of the the
word "Breugus".

Esther Bloch (Canada)

MODERATOR NOTE: With this message, we officially end the 'breugus' thread, as the
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