FRIEDMAN/FRITZ/KAPLAN - questions about identity and death date #general

Toby Bird

Dear Genners,

I am new at this. I am trying to find out when my g.g. Jacob KAPLAN and his second
wife Annie KAPLAN died and where they are buried. They were both still living in
1930 in Boston according to the US Census. Since Jacob was born around 1852 if the
info in the 1900 census is accurate (in each census he has a different birthdate)
he probably wouldn't have been alive, I don't think, much after 1930. So here are
the questions: How do I go about finding them??

What about city directories? I'd like to use them to trace Jacob and Annie Kaplan's
existence after 1930 but the few I looked at on line seemed to only list businesses
not just residences. Is there a specific directory to look at?

Should I start by going to Boston city hall with a list of all Jacob Kaplans who
died within a fifteen year period? Will they let me look at them to find the right

A second puzzle: The story is that Jacob Kaplan and his 1st wife (who as far as I
can figure it out died in Europe), had two children - Abraham who was my
grandfather and his sister Sarah. And that Jacob's second wife Annie (who he seemed
to have married in Europe also and is listed on the 1900 census as being 20 years
younger than he is) had a younger sister, Dora, who married my grandfather. Dora
(maiden name FREIDMAN) is my grandmother. So Abraham allegedly married his
step-aunt (his step-mother's sister). I'm trying to confirm this, but haven't been
able to do so yet. There is a strange bit of information maybe someone can explain.
I'm trying to confirm that Annie and Dora were sisters (which means they both would
have been Freidmans). In the meantime I found in a Mass. vital statistics record of
Abraham and Dora's marriage that Dora's mother's name was Annie (FRITZ). So she
had a sister and a mother named Annie?? Is it logical to assume that the English
name meant nothing to them and that their Hebrew/Yiddish names were different? In
fact, now that I think of it, I don't think "Annie" Fritz ever came to this country
so where would she have gotten the name Annie?? Isn't it likely to have been Chana,
Chaya, Chava?? Or is that maybe a clue that she did come to this country?? And
Dora's father's name is listed as Henry.

PS I haven't been able to find any record of Dora in the US before her marriage
although the 1930 census says she came over in 1898. And I haven't been able to
find any of them on any manifests on ships coming into Boston or NY. Jacob Kaplan,
Annie Kaplan, Abraham Kaplan, Dora Freidman are all pretty common names.

Any suggestions at all would be greatly appreciated.
You can write to me at tobyannebird@...

Toby Bird, New York

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