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Celia Male <celiamale@...>

Naomi Ogin wrote: In the JC, May,1901, under the heading of
Chevras and Friendly Societies, the AGM was held by the
'Duke of Cambridge' Lodge/Grand Order of Israel, at
the Synagogue Chambers, Fieldgate Street,London, E1.
.... the Chair was led by R ANGEL and the Vice Chair
by S CLEMTOVSKY. ..... I would be interested to hear from
anybody who is familiar with this Lodge, ... particularly

I am not familiar with the lodge but I would imagine that the
Chair and Vice-Chair would be held by established and well-
respected families. I thought of Moses ANGEL, famous headmaster
of the Jews' Free School, but he did not have a son called
R. ANGEL. I have two possible candidates though; there were two
families ANGEL and CHARNOWSKY who were master butchers in
Spitalfields, the famous East End meat market, at this time.
Both were >from Russia. There is a single entry for CHARNOVSKY
[Louis] in the 1901 census. He is a young man and a lodger and
unusually, he is living on his own means. Strangely there is also
a lone Woolf CHARNOSFSKY [sic] and he is also a butcher!
I have sent in a correction re his mistranscribed name.

Celia Male, London, U.K.

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