VRAZSA, FILIP, PESTYAN, MARIAN: Jewish Surnames? #general

bette_sscf <bette_sscf@...>

Tim Vrazo of Michigan asked if anyone thinks there is any
possibility that his grandparents' surnames could have been Jewish.

Generally relevant are three excellent JewishGen Digest
messages that may not be easily found by searching the archive at
<http://data.jewishgen.org/wconnect/wc.dll?jg~jgsys~archpop >.
I have sent the entire texts to Tim but they may be helpful to
others with the same question.

~ On June 1, 2008 Ann Rabinowitz in "RE: MOSIER Family" suggests first
researching surname origins.
~ On June 23, 2008 Roger Lustig in "Re: Geneology Question" (sic) emphasizes
that there's no such thing as an exclusively Jewish surname and also
suggests researching surname origin, JewishGen Family Finder and family
~ On October 31, 2007 Joseph Fibel in "Names and their Equivalents"
emphasizes that we learn our family history >from records and archives and
not >from guessing about the names.

Bette Mas
Miami, Florida

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