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Celia Male <celiamale@...>

Yehudah ben Shlomo in his detailed analysis to Rosalind Romem's
original query of 24th August, wrote: "Finally, we must note that
both Becki {OSTRINSKY} and her mother [Sime COHEN] list their
last residence as London. So most likely, the address given for
Mrs. KLAPOWITZ is in the UK as well"

Yehudah and I often work closely together and he sent me the
link to the manifest which I studied carefully. Indeed Yehudah
is correct - I read it as Mount? St, New St E? - and on checking
the map of the East End of London today, I found Mount Terrace
just off New Street, London E 1 {The Jewish East End}.

If you google: mount terrace London E and go down the list of
websites, you will find a picture of a little terraced house
in this street. This would be identical to the house the
KLAPOWITZ family lived in and Sime and Jacob COHEN and Beckie
OSTRINSKY probably lodged at before they emigrated to the USA
from Southampton to NY on the SS Olympic on 3 April 1912.
This brings genealogy to life - thank you Yehudah.

I found another big clue in the manifest, namely that Jacob aged 13
in 1912 was a British subject, ie he must have been born in England,
ie I should be able to find the family in the 1901 census. I believe
I have now found the right COHEN family in the 1901 census of England
and Wales before some reappear in NY in the 1920 census: Hyman 31 -
a tailor; Lena {Sime} 36; Rosia 14; Betsy {Beckie} 11; Moses 8;
Nathan 6; Lazarus 5; Jacob 2.

However, I can find no KLAPOWITZ in the UK in the 1901 census, nor
any bmd records. I therefore suspect these were post-1901 immigrants
to the UK. There were many clues we used to build up this picture.

I am very worried as I have not heard >from Yehudah for over a week,
and he does not respond to emails, which is unprecedented. So if
anyone has heard >from him please let me know to allay my anxiety.
I waited to hear >from him before posting this but have now decided
to go ahead.

Celia Male - London, U.K.

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