Brick Wall: Ida FISHMAN #general

Sarah L Meyer

Due to problems with my previous host, I have had to move my
genealogy website to

My brick wall question involves my grandfather's cousin. Sometime
following my grandfather's death in 1985, I located the following in his
address book circa 1955: Ida FISHMAN (cousin), Matthews Ave, Bronx 67
and a phone number. I had two goals, one was to find out how Ida was
related to my grandfather and the other was to find descendants. Due to
the presence of both the phone number and address, I hired a Jewish
genealogist in New York who was able to determine that Ida's husband's
first name was Louis, by using telephone directories. But that was as
far as we got. I have checked the Italian Gen website and have not been
able to find a marriage that would get me Ida's maiden name (it is not
BEGUN, as that Ida and Louis ended up in Brooklyn and never lived in the
Bronx according to her children).

Also in the address book was an address of a Mrs. STERN on
Walton Ave Bronx 51. I suspect that the two are related to each other
and that Ida was my grandfather's first cousin. (Complete addresses are
on my website on the Help Solve Mysteries page).

I know that my grandfather had two aunts (sisters of his father)
who came to the US. One of the aunts lived in Brownsville or Staten
Island, and my mother thinks her name was Brandel or Breindl, and that
Aunt Anna (Hannah or Chana) and Uncle Ziese lived in the Bronx. One of
them had no more than two children (Hannah because she visited the
family while my father was growing up in Detroit) and the other had
about eight. The problem is, of course, neither of my parents could
remember either of their surnames.

What I do know is this: My great grandparents Fishel and
Rebecca MEYER came to the US >from the Odessa area, and that the name
MEYER was purchased to avoid the Czarist conscription. Fishel's
original surname was PERCHIK and Rebecca's maiden name was HITE (KHAIT).
He came in 1884 and she came in 1887. Neither of them naturalized so
that avenue is not available, and they both came on the Hamburg American
line and I have those documents.

I am open to suggestions as to how to proceed with the New York

Thank you
Sarah Lee Meyer Christiansen
Georgetown, TX

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