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Israel P

I have posted on this subject before (see "Mandatory Citizenship" in the
JewishGen archives), but a refresher may be in order.

The National Archives in Jerusalem (Makor Hayyim Street) has citizenship
files of people who became citizens during the latter part of the
Mandatory Government, 1933-1948. (Earlier Mandatory Citizenship records
were "lost" - likely taken or destroyed by the retreating occupiers in

There is an index of those files on microfilm, which is open to any
visitor. The films show index cards which are arranged in alphabetical
order, with all spellings together. (think Silverstein, Zylbersztajn and
everything in between), with columns for given name, birth place, birth
year and file number. (Birth place is specific - not "Russia.")

If the file is over seventy years old or if you can claim to be a
descendant of the person in the file, you can get a copy of the file for
a small fee. The file is in English.

Generally it will not have serious genealogical information (no parents'
names, for instance), but it usually has a passport photo, names of
accompanying family members, birth dates, places of birth and date of
arrival, as well as some information about what the person is doing at
the time.

They claim that about a third of those files are missing, but my
experience is that fewer are missing.

The search process takes less than an hour, but you may have to wait a
couple of weeks to get the copied file. Or you can wait a few hours for
them to show you the file itself.

Israel Pickholtz

On 11 Sep 2008

<<Before 1948, the place you call Israel was a British Protectorate (or
League of Nations Mandate, if you prefer) called Palestine. I've not heard
that the authorities kept arrival lists, but if they did they would be in

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