CARO Puzzle #general

Chuck Culman & Alice Fisher

I've traced back one branch of my family to Katie CARO, daughter of Jacob
and Mathilde (nee LEWI). The 1870 US Census has the family in New York

Jacob, age 39, born in Russia
Mathilde, age 32, born in Prussia
Kate, age 13, born in England
Harris, age 10, born in New York
Sarah, age 7, born in New York
Leanor(?), age 5, born in New York
Mary, age 3, born in New York
Realca (? hard to read), age 1, born in New York

On her marriage certificate, Katie lists her birthplace as London.

Now for my puzzle. Last week, I ran across an entry >from the 1861 English
Census for Newcastle on the Tyne:

Jacob CARO, age 29, born in Prussia (a naturalized British subject)
Mathilde, age 23, born in Prussia
Edmund, age 2, born in Newcastle Tyne
Lionel, age 1, born in Newcastle Tyne

Is this the same Jacob and Mathilde? The ages are good, birthplaces are
good, and since Katie was born in England, it makes sense to find the family
there. But where in the English Census is Katie (she should be 4)?
Harris should also be there, about age 1. Could Harris (born in New York)
be Lionel (born in Newcastle)? What happened to Edmund?

The information for Jacob and Mathilde is so close, I would think it was a
match. But the children are all wrong, making me think I don't. Can anyone
share any wisdom on what I should do with this data?

- Chuck Culman

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