Cemetery pictures KADETSKY in MA #general

Jenni Hymoff Koeppel

Cemetery pictures and person look-up KADETSKY in MA

Hello, I need some help - maybe someone is going that way and can
take some Digital gravestone pictures for me:

Morris Kadetsky
Hebrew Volin
Baker Street
West Roxbury
Section E, side LEFT, grave 9

He might have his wife nearby - if he is who I think he is, her name was Bessie.

KADETSKY, Edward and Pearl
Worcester Hebrew
Lambert Hill Road - Offcem Road
Auburn, MA
graves ZZG 87 and 88

I am interested in their birth/deathdates and father's names, and
surrounding graves that might be KADETSKYs, same information. I am
also trying to locate the graves of two Pauline KADETSKYs who died
after 1920, they seem to be key persons to move back another generation
but I can't find any of their vital records stating dates, places of
birth etc. If someone could look them up for me in any of the archives
I would appreciate the help.

I unfortunately am too far away to do it myself and no longer have
my niece in Massachusetts.

In exchange I can help you with any translation to Spanish or reciprocate
in the Canary Islands....

Please contact me directly. Thanks very much

Cheers, Jenni Hymoff
Canary Islands, Spain
REDLER and KRAVETSKY >from Ukraine
KOEPPEL and BLAHOWETZ >from Bohemia/Germany

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