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Hello, I live in the UK and am searching for two of my families who settled in
the US in the late 1800s/early 1900s. I hope that someone may recognise a name
or address >from the following information and be able to help me! The families
referred to are my maternal great grandparents (both sets).

The STEINHAUER family (originally spelt SZTEJNCHAUER) >from Warsaw, Poland. May
have been changed in the States to STEINHOUWER/STEIN/STONE The parents were
Gershon/Hersh known as Harry, and Feige known as Fanny (nee HAUSZA) Their
children were Anna,Eva,Wolf, Isidore, Max - one of the males possibly changed
his name to either David or Louis, and one may have originally been known as
Leo. (My grandfather was their other son, Jospeh, who lived in Glasgow). They
lived in NY and I have traced Harry and Fanny together with one daughter, then
named Chawa, arriving at Ellis Island in 1917 >from Rotterdam on the SS Noordam.
They state on the manifest that they were travelling to their son (David?) at
15 W 72nd St, NY 10023. They originally lived at Schlosse 26, Warsaw.

The MARK(A) family >from Latvia (changed to MAXWELL in both Scotland and the
States) and the YACOBSO(E)N family >from Latvia/Estonia/Lithuania/Prussia/Baltic
states:specifically Riga,Limbazi, Parnu, Salismunde. The parents were Rachmil
and Dinah MARK (nee YACOBSON) -later known as Robert & Dinah MAXWELL. Rachmil
was born in Lithuania and lived in Shavkyani, Schaulen district, Kovno province
in and before 1893. I have 2 separate addresses for Rachmil in Riga: Sbornaya
Street 58, and Jacobstadtskaya (Jekabpils) Street 8.

Their sons Maurice, Albert and Harry emigrated to America in late 1800s/early
1900s. Maurice was married to Rachel (Raie) YACOBSON (a cousin) in Chelsea,
MA in 1921. (They married twice). He died in 1975 in California.

Albert(twin to another brother, Benjamin)lived in Boston at one time and he
married Cora.

Harry married Fanny LEVY in Glasgow before emigrating to the States. Harry
and Fanny lived in Brooklyn Heights, NY. Harry was a barber. He died some
time after 1970.

Please respond to me privately if you think you can assist me.

Thank you. Geraldine Courtney, Hampshire, UK

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