NJ Vital Records Question: 1829 Princeton, Mercer Co. #general

Ellen and Sal Barbieri <elsal@...>

A friend who oversees maintenance of the the Corsicana, TX Hebrew Cemetery
asked me to help. There was a man who was a "rope walker" who died in 1898
in an accident. On his death bed he stated he was Jewish & recited Hebrew
prayers with those called to his bedside. He was buried in Jewish cemetery &
his identity is still unknown. Does anyone know if it is possible to get
birth records for 6 Feb 1829 in Princeton, Mercer Co, NJ? Likely there would
only have been one Jewish birth on that date, possible name - Berg.
You can google: rope walker +corsicana.
Ellen Barbieri - Researcher # 8682
San Diego, CA


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