Searching for WILK/FINK in Sanok, Poland #general

Avraham Y. Kahana

I'm writing on behalf of a friend, hoping I can help her make progress
in her research.

She's tracing Israel WILK/FINK, born on 15/Jun/1886. His father name
was Chaim, mother Ita. He lived in Sanok Brzezow in Slowazkego
(Slowazki) 85, and had a fabric store in the town of Pilsudzki, 3. He
had a sister, named Lea, and 2 brothers, Yosef and Yankel. He had also
2 daughters, Yta (Yetka), who came to Israel in 1936, and Tema
(Tamara), who was married and had a girl. She perished in the war.
Israel WILK/FINK survived the war and died in Tel Aviv in 20/Nov/1962.
His wife, Sara Bester died in Sanok, 1923.

Please reply back in case you have anything to add/share. Any info is

Thank you in advance,
Avraham Yehoshua Kahana

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