Search changes in the six NY cemetery databases #general

Steven Lasky <steve725@...>


I noticed today that recently a change was made to the searchable cemetery
databases at Mts. Ararat, Carmel, Hebron, Judah and Zion.

First, with regards to the Interment Search feature, one could just click on
the "Search" button without entering anything in the search fields at all,
and one would simply see the total number of entries listed in the cemetery
database, e.g. such a search on the Mt. Carmel db would reveal 88,000+
burials to date. Now if you try it a window pops up saying you must enter
something in at least one search field (even if it's a single letter or
number). In the date field, one could simply choose a year, e.g. 2007, and
100 of the total number of 2007 burials will appear. Note that, at least at
the present moment, this does not hold true for the Mt. Lebanon Cemetery db.
One can click on the "Search" button and you can see that are 88,208
entries. But this, of course, can be changed anytime.

This brings me perhaps to a more significant change. Before a successful
search that might yield three hundred names yielded a displa of only two
hundred names, as this was the limit allowed by those who created the dbs.
One would have to figure out, depending on what one was searching for, how
to search for the other hundred names. Now it seems they have changed the
five previous dbs, as they have tweaked the new Mt. Lebanon Cemetery db. A
search that might result three hundred names will only initially reveal one
hundred names, not two hundred. This might be considered a negative change;
however, it is not. Above the list of the hundred names are links to pages
two and three. So to continue on your search for the remaining two hundred
names, you simply click on either or both links to the suceeding pages. This
really does make things easier.

I hope my explanation was not too confusing. These six cemetery dbs (plus
the one at Mt. Moriah in New Jersey) allow us to search a combined list of
nearly 700,000 burials.

Hopefully by the end of the year, Mt. Carmel will have the data on their db
from nearby Knollwood Park Cemetery, but who knows? I will let you know when
this data is available for viewing.
If you need to know the URLs (website addresses) for the seven available
cemetery search engines, as well as their policies regarding one's ability
to request they take gravestone photos for you for a fee, please visit

Steven Lasky
New York

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