Touble finding birth certificate in US #general


I have yet another plight and that is how can I find a birth certificate for
someone who was born in New York? We have his date of birth and his first
name but there is a little confusion as to which last name the birth
certificate has listed. Also, one of the last names has a spelling
that can be very varied. We have both names but the spelling of one
has us confused. It seems that the father came to America using the
name he was raised with in Europe which was his mother's maiden name,
a common practice for Jews. After being in America for awhile he then
took on his father's last name and the rest of the children have this
name but it is the first born that is of concern to us.

Any help or suggestions will be most appreciated.

Good luck to all of us on our searches!

Lois Friedman
Delray Beach, FL

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