Looking for Jennie "MARX" Born Between 1836-1843 in Hesse Darmstadt #general

Linda Shefler

I am looking for someone who might have a Jennie/Jenny in their family tree,
even if her maiden name is unknown. She would probably be listed as having
been born in Hesse Darmstadt. She was living with her brother and his
family in Painesville, OH outside of Cleveland, in 1860. Aaron and his
family were living in Erie, PA in 1862 when he went there to enlist in the
army during the Civil War. She might have gone there with them. So she
might have married in or around either Cleveland or Erie.

According to the 1860 census she was 17 years old (making her year of birth
1843). According to the birth records for Sterbfritz, Hesse, Germany,
Schenete MARX was born in 1836. Schenete/Sheine usually became Jennie/Jenny
in the States. So her year of birth is a bit sketchy, but it would probably
have been between 1836-1843.

If she had an occupation it would probably have been a bookbinder (according
to the 1860 census).

Chances are very good that if Jennie had a son born after 1861 his name
would have been Joseph. She would have undoubtedly named a daughter
something like Hannah or Henrietta. She might have had another son named
Aaron and another daughter named Mindel, or something similar.

Jennie is the sister of my gg grandfather Aaron J. Marx, who eventually
settled in Cleveland after the Civil War. It seems that Jennie and Aaron
were the only siblings to have some to America and I would love to find out
what happened to Jennie.

If any of these facts work with a Jennie on your tree, even if you aren't
aware of her maiden name, I would love to hear >from you and compare notes.
Perhaps we can help each other solve a mystery!

Please respond privately.
Thank you in advance for your time.

Chag sameach!

Linda Silverman Shefler
Formerly of Cary, NC
Presently Moshav Mishmeret

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