Deportations from Upper Silesia #general


Researchers interested in the fate of family members in Upper Silesia may
wish to look in Irena Pajak's Mieszkancy Slaska, Podbeskidzia Zaglebia
Dabrowskiego w KL Auschwitz, a compilation of the names of Jews and non-Jews
sent >from Upper Silesia in southwestern Poland to Auschwitz. Unfortunately,
unlike the books listing persons sent >from the Cracow and Warsaw areas to
Auschwitz, where names can be searched on the Auschwitz website, the Pajak
book's names do not appear on the Auschwitz website. The information in the
book consists of names, dates and places of birth and when deported. In
some cases it notes where a prisoner was sent on >from Auschwitz. An index
at the end of the book makes searches quite easy.

Peter Lande
Washington, D.C.

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