Seeking Ruwen SZULFRYD, chess champion in Lima, Peru #general


Dear Fellow Researchers:

I got a clue to day by googling(!) that one of my cousins escaped >from
Poland and ended up as a chess champion in Lima, Peru in the 1940's. I
believe he was Ruwen SZULFRYD, born in Lublin in 1899. He's mentioned
in the on-line memoirs of another Peruvian chess champion who notes Ruwen's
"odessey" >from Poland to Lima and cites his chess tourneys against him,
lamenting that there was no rematch after Ruwen won titles in 1944 and 1945.
Interesting stuff!

I wonder if anyone out there has experience researching Jews in Lima,
Peru... I don't know if Ruwen married or had children, or when he died.
If anyone has Peruvian experience, please contact me privately.


Robinn Magid
Kensington, California

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