Lodz and Bialystok to Paterson, NJ #general

Roni S. Liebowitz

As coordinator of the Lodz Area Research Group listserv and
website, I am in touch with a great many of the families and
descendants of people who came >from Lodz and the surrounding
area. Lodz was a textile city and therefore many of the
people who emigrated >from Lodz to the United States, settled
in Paterson, NJ, which is another textile city, also known
as the Silk City. The other major group of immigrants to
Paterson were those who came >from Bialystok.

Mark Halpern, the coordinator of the Bialystok
listserv,lived in Paterson as a young boy, and I lived there
until I was 12 years old, when we moved next door to Fair
Lawn, NJ. Coincidentally Mark and I entered genealogy at
the same time back in 1997-98. We often half-joked (and
half-seriously) talked about the future generations who will
look for their roots in Paterson, NJ.

Since the IAJGS conference is being held in Philadelphia
next summer, we decided to put out feelers about how many of
you would be interested in attending a Birds of a Feather
meeting at the Conference for the Paterson, NJ area, which
also includes Passaic, Kearny, and other nearby towns. We
have been in touch with the President of the Jewish
Historical Society of North Jersey as well as a few other
people actively involved in similar organizations involving
the history of Jewish Paterson. If there is an interest, we
would invite those people to attend.

As conference program Chairman, Mark is very busy now. We
agreed that responses to this inquiry would come to me.

All you have to do, is reply to me personally letting me

1. your interest in a Paterson group
2. name of your family >from Paterson or nearby town
3. any memorabilia you may have >from Paterson.
4. plans (even tentative) to attend the conference

Depending upon the responses, we will organize a Paterson
and area Birds-of-a-Feather meeting at the conference. If
this takes off, we will consider creating a Paterson
ShtetLink website on JewishGen.


[Mrs. Roni Seibel Liebowitz]
New York
Family Genealogy Website http://x.liebowitzes.com/genealogy
PRZYBYLSKI (later BILSKY) and PIASKOWSKI ---Belchatow, Lodz in Poland; some
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Krakow, Baronow Sandomierski, Rozwadow, Tarnobrzeg, Zukow in Poland; Lviv in
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