Re: Name changes #germany

Wegner, Peter

Ruth asked:

"I feel 2 of my relatives who came to the U S in the 1890's might
have changed there given names. Their first names when they arrived
were Toyva and Taube. Anyone have any thoughts on what the
Americanized versions might be. "

While no one can say with certainty, popular "westernizations" of the
name Taube include Toby and Toni (Antonia), while the name Toyva (which
means literally "Goody" -- based on the Hebrew adjective "tov") is
often translated as "Bonnie" (which comes >from the French word for
"good"). The name Tova itself is a Hebraization of the Yiddish girl's
name Gitel ("good little girl") -- so one might also look for a
possible anglicized form like "Gita." My gg grandmother Gitel took
the English name Juliet as a "soundalike" so that's another possibility
for Toyva.

Judith Romney Wegner

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