Re: Planks of Wood #general

Jake Goldstein

On 2008.11.24, Andy Rosen <> asked:

Upon inquiring with the townspeople some of them that were living at
the time of the Jewish extermination many of the locals each "Jew was
given plank of wood, piled onto lorries and shot at the cemetery's

What does the "plank of wood" signify? Does anyone know if holding a
plank of wood occurred in other towns during the Shoah?
I know of the use of planks of wood, but not of individual planks.
I think that individual planks may have risen the cost per death
prohibitively, and, in addition, general availability may have been
a problem.

Some SS Einsatzgruppen units would have their able bodied victims
dig a pit. Then they would lay a few wooden planks across, and force
the Jews to walk along the plank. Riflemen or a machine gunner set
orthogonally to the plank would then expediently mow down their
victims. This was thought to be more efficient than having small
groups of Jews stand at the rim of the pit where each group would be
individually shot. In addition, there was no need to occasionally
interrupt the execution to push the victims into the pit.

Jake Goldstein
Boston, USA

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