Re: Something to Ponder #general

Tilford Bartman <bartmant@...>

No doubt there were many Jews who were very much tied to the
German language and culture, and who felt a strong sense of
pride in the German nation. In fact, some felt that it was
superior, and that they at least in part through association
with it were also superior to less fortunate Jews.
German reform Judaism specifically aimed to eliminate any
basis for "Jewish" nationalistic feelings or Jewish seperatism.
The ideal was the "German Jew", German in every respect,
and very "watered down" in Jewishness, just in the mostly private
religious sphere. By no means did all German Jews obtain
or wish to obtain this ideal, but quite a few did or at least
came close. This was their self conception. How they were
defined in the minds of their non-Jewish German neighbors
may be a different matter.

Tilford Bartman

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