Re: Ellis Island Missing Manifests #general

jeremy frankel

Dear Allen,

I believe I have written about this before, but I am willing to
repeat it here for anyone who missed it the first time around. I too
spent an awful lot of time searching for the arrival records of a
distant cousin who emigrated with his wife in 1901. I turned every
stone but couldn't find anything. Eventually I discovered that when
ships came into the port of New York City, the manifests were split
up, with the pages for the first and second class passengers going
with the ship to dock at a pier while the manifest for the third
class and steerage class passengers went with them on the barge to
Ellis Island. The manifests were apparently never "joined back up."
So all that remains is the portion of the manifest for those
passengers who were processed at Ellis Island.

This is therefore a long-winded way of saying that perhaps your
ancestors traveled first or second class, which is why their names
have never been located in any indices.


Jeremy G Frankel
ex Edgware, London, England
Berkeley, California, USA

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