Re: Marriage outside NYC, 1930s -- where to look? #general

Hilary Henkin

And I have a problem related to this related problem.

My great-uncle lived in New York City his whole life after
immigrating. Unable to find his record of marriage to his first wife
(circa 1911), I sent in a request for his divorce file, with a
handwritten note that I was hoping to learn the date and place of his
marriage. The clerk wrote back that the file was sealed by law, but
that my great-uncle had married in Philadelphia on a certain date.

He didn't.

I had Philadelphia genners physically go to the indexes without
success, and I have used whatever online resources are
available. Neither he nor his first wife are listed under any name
variation I can think of.

Ah, well.

Hilary Henkin
Los Angeles, California

At 11:49 AM 12/22/2008, Don Solomon wrote:
I have a related problem. I am looking for the marriage record of
two NYC residents who I know were married in the 1930s. I can find
no record of either spouse in the Brides' and Grooms' indexes and
suspect they went out of town to get married without their famlies'
knowledge. Does anyone have any idea if there was a popular
destination for this?

Don Solomon <dsolomon@...>

Marc DVer <mdver@...> wrote:
I have read that people living in Manhattan frequently went to New
Jersey to get divorced as it was easier to do so there than in New York.

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