New Research Effort for Minsk Gubernia #belarus

Michael Kaltman

I am pleased to announce that the Belarus SIG has launched a significant
effort to translate and index birth, marriage, divorce, and death records of
the Minsk Guberia contained on the FHL CDs (see the lower right hand corner
of the Belarus SIG home page). The first phase of this project focuses on
the Minsk Uyezd, the area immediately around "The Mother City." Subsequent
phases of the indexing effort will focus on the remaining uyezds in the
Minsk Gubernia. This multi-year effort will result in the addition of
hundreds of thousands of new records to the existing consolidated Belarus
database. David Price, who added a million Polish records for JRI, is
responsible for the translation and indexing effort. The Belarus SIG is
extremely fortunate in having David's services; I expect that within a short
time, we will be able to make a significant number of records available to
those of you who trace your ancestry to the Minsk area. I will periodically
report to you on our progress.

At this time I also want each of you who have roots in the Minsk Gubernia to
join us in this effort by making a tax deductible donation to JewishGen's
fund for the "Minsk Gubernia Revision Lists and Metrical Records." Your
contributions, as little as $10, are absolutely vital to translating and
indexing existing records, recovering new records, and expanding
genealogical research in the Minsk Gubernia.

Please contact me if you have any questions.

Michael Kaltman
Minsk Gubernia Coordinator
North Potomac, MD

Researching KALTMAN, ARONOFF, and KRAVITZ in Belarus

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