Belarus Maps Still Available #belarus

David Feldman <david.feldman@...>

A week ago we posted a note to the digest about maps of Belarus that we have
available. There are still some left. These maps are being made available
for a $100 donation.

These maps are really nice and show all known towns in Belarus that have had
at anytime a Jewish presence. For each town there are symbols that mark if
the town has:

- Existing Jewish communities
- Non-existing Jewish communities
- Jewish houses; yeshivas, heders, mikvehs, rabbi homes etc.
- Jewish cemeteries
- Places of mass execution of Jews during the Holocaust

The actual map is 18" x 20" in size and would look nice framed.

Please specify what project you would like to fund with the $100 donation.
If you do not have a particular project to donate the money to, just specify
the Belarus general fund.

If you are interested, go to to see a sample map and
link to the Belarus JewishGenerosity (donations) page.

Sharon Fingold
David Feldman
Belarus SIG Coordinators

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