Bresler Family > Downview or Toronto, Canada #general

Carol Rombro Rider

I am searching for family named BRESLER who in 1985 lived on Overbrook Place
in Downsview Ontario, Canada. They are related to my great-grandmother,
Tova Rosa Abramovitz Rombro.

It seems that I have found them in the JOWB and they are no longer living.
I am looking for the family of Bernard Bresler, died July 9, 2004 and Sandra
Bresler, died June 26, 1995. They are both buried in Mt. Sinai Memorial Park
in Toronto, Canada.

I know that they had a son, Aaron Scott Bresler who would now be about 35
years old.

If anyone can help me find my long lost Canadian cousins, I thank you in

Carol Rombro Rider Baltimore, Maryland USA

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