Need Help (Ideas!!) with finding my GM's ships manifest #general

Marc Hodies <marc@...>

Hello Genners,

Thanks to all that helped identify Anyksi as Annixt - Anyksciai.
Unfortunately, that town does not fit geographically.

I have had good success with identifying lost relatives to date
but getting my gm's ships manifest has been tough. My Dad is 79 (Im 45)
and I would really like to find it for him (and myself). So after
working on this on and off for over 10 years, I cry out for some help.
A bit long-winded but I hope its fun to read.

My grandmother's maiden name: Freda Horowitz (Gurewitz likely).

According to my Dad:

Born in Smorgon about 1895 or so. Came over after the war (WWI)
as a single female. Her family was supposedly devastated >from the
Cossacks and she managed to hang on during the war as a baker,
perhaps in nearby small town or even perhaps in the city Vilna itself.
She did not look jewish and knew Russian and Polish well and supposedly
blended in or at least kept out of harms way.

I do not know when she came over except, according to my Dad,
after the war. It make sense to me though that she came over and
then got married soon after, right? Well my Dad was born in 1929
so does 1927 or 1926 make sense? How many single jewish and pretty
(she was attractive) would stay single in NYC or Newburgh before
getting arranged?

After she came over, she married a Meir CHODOSH (Hodies) who also
hailed >from Smorgon. Meir's first wife died in 1925 in NYC so he
could not have not have remarried before then. That puts the marriage
after 1925.

Ship name is Resolute on the Hamburg-America line.

Why is this so hard? Well her last name is Horowitz or Gurevitz
over there. Her brother came over and his name was Jurwitz on the
manifest. There are a lot of ways to misspell Gurewitz and Smorgon.
I would love to have access to the raw database so I can do a search
without limitations of minimum characters.

Find her and husband on the 1930 census you say? Been there and done
that and I cannot find them. Look them up on city directories?
been there and done that. Find the address on my Dads birth certificate
and find them on the census manually? been there and done that, nada.
Naturalization? Nope, my gm was remained an alien. Brides and groom
records? No luck.

Go to Morton Allan and find how many Resolutes made passages to Ellis
Island after 1924 then go through microfilms at the DC National
Archives trying my best to read the old faded script for each ship
arrival that qualifes? Only as a last resort. I really dont want to
do this option.

Consider Philly and Boston and Baltimore as a US port arrival? My Dad
strongly says it did not happen. That Ellis Island was the place.

Wait til 1940 census? Dont want to:-) Not even sure the year of
immigration is supplied.

So what does everyone think? Here are some nagging questions?

1. What are the odds that she came over after 1924? 1925? 1926? 1927?

2. How long would a single atractive jewish female remain unmarried in NYC?

2. If the census, naturalization records, groom and bride records,
cannot give me an idea, what others things can I do short of manually
resorting to looking at microfiche.

Thanks for all your ideas


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