Using Facebook to find relatives #general


I thought I'd post an interesting strategy I have been playing with on Facebook to
find some branches I was having trouble locating. I was searching for three grown
siblings with a relatively common last name-- their parents died in the 1990s. I
was told that one and possibly another of two sisters were married, but only had
the first name of the husband for one of them. Using the Facebook search engine I
typed in each sibling and looked to see if any of the other two appeared as
"friends." Many members of Facebook allow you to see who their friends are, even if
you are not friends with that particular person. I immediately learned one of the
sister's married name and location (city/state). gave me her
phone/address. I sent her a friend invite via Facebook, explaining we were 2c1r
and she was real glad to connect. We spoke on the phone this morning at length and
I am friending her siblings as well.

Eli Savada
Bethesda MD

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